Rural Management Strategies offers a variety of services to our clients:


We provide planning, diagnostic and management advice to mixed farming operations in Southern NSW.

This includes the development of detailed cropping and pasture programmes comprising of species, varieties, fertiliser strategies, weed and disease control strategies as well as input requirements and costings. The formulation of a rotation plan ensures stability, sustainability and the right balance of crop and pasture to meet the requirement of the farm business.

During the cropping season, we provide on-farm advice and assist clients in selecting the most economic chemical and fertiliser application programme.

We aim to assist clients in producing the most economic return from farming.

Farm Business Management

Through gaining a first hand understanding of your farming business we aim to assist you in managing your business in the most efficient manner possible.

We have a thorough understanding of land, machinery and capital requirements as well as finance and business structures. This allows us to work with farm owners and managers to ensure the business as a whole is operating in the most efficient manner possible.

Cash Flow Budgeting

From our involvement with many farm businesses and research into farm operating costs we can prepare realistic cash flow budgets that show the cash requirements of the business.

These budgets are not generated in isolation and incorporate all the planned operations on the farm for the future periods.

The budgets are used as a monitoring resource during the year to assist in day to day management and allow for calculation of important information such as cost of production.

Finance Negotiation

We regularly assist clients with sourcing the most appropriate finance for their business. This involves assessing the requirement, the best way to structure the finance and the most efficient way of obtaining the finance.

We maintain regular contact and professional relations with all major financial institutions.

Pre-purchase Property Assessments

We regularly assist clients in purchasing new property. Our objectivity and experience in the process allows us to ensure the purchase will meet the goals and aspirations of the client.

Succession Planning

Through gaining an understanding of your business from the ground up we are able to provide valuable advice and guidance in succession planning.

Our aim is to ensure the process flows smoothly and that the expectations of all family members are understood. Explaining and demonstrating how options for the future will operate in practice is a valuable part of the process. We liaise with Accountants, Solicitors and other professionals to ensure that the best outcome for the client is achieved and that the succession planning process is followed through.

Feasibility Studies

As we have many long standing clients we have seen many farm businesses grow significantly through both expansion and diversification.

Our part in the growth of your business is to ensure that business growth through either expansion or diversification is done in a sustainable and profitable manner.

The feasibility of a business expansion involves analysis of likely financial performance, human resource requirements, risk analysis, skills analysis as well as alignment with the long term goals of the stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

As a farm business grows and family members return home the goals, ambitions and expectations of the individuals have a significant effect on the business success.

Strategic planning allows for the goals, ambitions and expectations of all parties involved in the business to be discussed in a business-like manner.

Discussion and documentation allows for a clear strategy to be put in place that allows for all parties to see where the business is heading and the role they will undertake.

Economic Loss Assessment

On request from legal representatives, we will use our extensive knowledge of mixed farming production systems to calculate losses to a farm business or individual as a result of a personal injury, accident or loss event such as a bushfire or machinery failure.