General Comments – Newsletter September 2014

25 September, 2014

Not another dry late winter/early spring, particularly after such a promising start to the season! Unfortunately this is what management has to deal with, balancing risk with reward in a variable climate. The way this uncertainty is managed, sets apart … Continue reading

Managing Stocking Rate

24 September, 2014

Many livestock decisions are based on experience or “gut feel” and while this may be appropriate most of the time, more confident decisions can be made when some measured information is included in the decision. MLA, AWI, the Evergraze project … Continue reading

Beet Western Yellows Virus in Canola

24 September, 2014

Beet Western Yellows Virus (BWYV) is an aphid borne virus that can cause yield and quality losses in canola. BWYV has been a major issue in 2014 in SA and western Victoria, but to a lesser extent in southern NSW. … Continue reading

Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus in Cereal Crops

24 September, 2014

Early sowing and high aphid populations in the autumn of 2014, have resulted in many grazing cereal crops suffering from Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV). BYDV is an aphid borne virus that affects wheat, barley, triticale and oats, plus over … Continue reading

Insect Pests

24 September, 2014

Moisture plus warm conditions in autumn and early winter 2014, provided ideal conditions for insect pests. In some areas, high insect numbers coincided with emerging early sown crops, leading to significant crop damage. Some of these issues are reoccurring and … Continue reading

Grain Market Update – Wheat (September 2014)

24 September, 2014

The following graph shows the movement in Chicago (CBOT) December 2014 Wheat Futures price and the 2014/15 APW Multigrade price delivered port. To mid-May the basis was in the positive $20 to 30/t range. From mid-May to date, the basis … Continue reading

Grain Market Update – Canola (September 2014)

24 September, 2014

The following graph shows the movement in WCE November 2014 Canola Futures and the domestic canola price delivered port. The graph clearly shows the decline in canola prices since early 2014. Current low canola prices on a world basis are … Continue reading

Wool Market Update (September 2014)

24 September, 2014

The following graph shows the AWEX Eastern Market indicator (EMI) in cents per kilogram clean, from August 2009 to date. Whilst there has been some volatility over the last two years, the AWEX EMI has largely traded within a range … Continue reading

Interest Rate Update (September 2014)

24 September, 2014

The following graph shows movements in both the 3 month and 3 year Bank Bill yield rates, for the period January 2006 to September 2014. These rates are wholesale rates which are net of any margin charged by financial institutions. … Continue reading