The role of sheep in farming systems in changing markets

12 June, 2013

Mark Harris Rural Management Strategies Pty Limited Key Words: Sheep, Mixed farming, Continuous cropping, Risk, Enterprise mix, Cash surplus, EBIT, Capital requirement Take Home Messages Higher sheep prices are better but current prices are still satisfactory Mixed Farming and Continuous … Continue reading

Wool Market Update (June 2013)

12 June, 2013

The following graph shows the AWEX Eastern Market indicator (EMI) in cents per kilogram clean, from August 2009 to date. This graph clearly shows the peak in wool prices during mid 2011. It is important to remember that this peak … Continue reading

Feeding Pregnant and Lambing Ewes

12 June, 2013

The current lack of pasture feed may require ewes to be hand fed prior to and during lambing. Although recent rains will lead to some pasture growth, it will be slow until mid to late August when warmer weather conditions … Continue reading

Ewe Deaths- A Profit Driver Of Sheep Flocks

15 April, 2013

Lambing percentage and wool cut are two commonly discussed profit drivers of a self replacing or first cross lamb producing flock. However ewe death rate, is often overlooked as a profit driver and in fact, it is a figure that … Continue reading

Internal Parasite Management in Sheep

9 November, 2012

The following article comes from the LHPA website ( It accurately describes the issues and management required to best control worms and liver fluke in a sheep flock. Following several bad worm years, the Livestock Health and Pest Authorities (LHPA) … Continue reading


8 May, 2012

Wet, warm conditions and long pasture are conducive to development and spread of footrot. Symptoms of footrot include lameness, reddening and cracking between the hooves, plus separation of the soft and hard horns from the soft tissue underneath. Approximately 15 … Continue reading

Lamb Survival

8 May, 2012

Improving lamb survival is a critical part of improving the profitability of sheep breeding enterprises. A publication from the EverGraze series highlights some important strategies for maximising lamb survival. The full article can be found at: Following are the … Continue reading