Rethinking Blackleg in Canola

4 July, 2019

Earlier sowing of canola requires a change to Blackleg management, demanding a greater focus on controlling upper canopy infection. Blackleg is a fungal disease that most commonly reduces canola yield through crown cankers that inhibit the flow of nutrients and … Continue reading

Fallowing and Spraytopping Pastures (September 2018)

26 September, 2018

Many pastures which were programmed to be either spraytopped or fallowed, are currently severely moistures stressed, with most weeds appearing to be as good as dead. It is likely that the seed set of these weeds will be minimal in … Continue reading

Russian Wheat Aphid – Update

18 September, 2017

Cereal crops should be monitored for Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA), as temperatures reach the ideal range for reproduction.  Any decision to treat infected paddocks should be based on an economic threshold, plus consideration of the yield potential of the crop … Continue reading

Cereal Aphids

8 September, 2016

High numbers of corn and oat aphid have recently been reported in many cereal crops.  These aphids are collectively known as cereal aphids. The increase in numbers is a result of warmer than average temperatures plus humid conditions during late … Continue reading

Russian Wheat Aphid

23 June, 2016

Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) was recently discovered in South Australia and subsequently in Victoria. RWA has since been declared endemic in Australia, meaning it will not be eradicated but must instead be managed. RWA has not yet been found in … Continue reading

Smut in Barley

17 November, 2015

Many growers have commented on a noticeable level of smut in barley during spring 2015. Smut is a seed borne disease which is best managed through sowing clean, fungicide treated seed. In severe cases, a smut infected crop suffers yield … Continue reading

Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus

20 November, 2014

There was a high incidence of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV) across southern NSW in 2014. The level of infection was a result of ideal conditions for aphids during the autumn and early winter of 2014, following early sowing of … Continue reading

Seed Treatments for Early Insect Control

20 November, 2014

Seed treatments have provided effective early control of insect pests and reduced the spread of viral infection in wheat and canola during 2014. A number of seed treatments offer control of insect pests, from emergence through to the early growth … Continue reading

Beet Western Yellows Virus in Canola

24 September, 2014

Beet Western Yellows Virus (BWYV) is an aphid borne virus that can cause yield and quality losses in canola. BWYV has been a major issue in 2014 in SA and western Victoria, but to a lesser extent in southern NSW. … Continue reading

Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus in Cereal Crops

24 September, 2014

Early sowing and high aphid populations in the autumn of 2014, have resulted in many grazing cereal crops suffering from Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV). BYDV is an aphid borne virus that affects wheat, barley, triticale and oats, plus over … Continue reading