Unlocking Crop Yield Potential by Addressing Subsoil Constraints

14 November, 2018

Preliminary results in southern NSW show potential to improve productivity on soils where access to plant available water (PAW) is currently restricted by a range of subsoil constraints. Research conducted by the NSW DPI at Rand and Grogan in 2017 … Continue reading

Nutrient Removal and Soil Testing (September 2018)

26 September, 2018

Where droughted crops are harvested and yields are low, the removal of major nutrients such as N, P & S will also be low. This presents an opportunity to reduce costs in 2019, by reducing inputs in line with removal … Continue reading

Deep Soil Nitrogen & Sulphur Results 2017

28 June, 2017

Soil testing to 60cm to measure Nitrogen and Sulphur, was undertaken in April 2017 across more than 150 client paddocks in the Cootamundra, Temora and Grenfell districts. This information has allowed for more informed decisions to be made about Urea … Continue reading

Saturated Soils – Potential for Denitrification (June 2016)

23 June, 2016

Growers are advised to resist the temptation to apply additional Urea onto saturated soils, as the potential for Nitrogen loss from denitrification is increased. Denitrification is the process by which Nitrate Nitrogen is converted to gaseous forms and lost to … Continue reading

Variable Rate Crop Management

1 October, 2015

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) offers potential cost savings, provided there is sufficient paddock variability to manage. What is VRT Management? The independent management of variation within paddocks and across farms, to either reduce input costs or increase yield potential. The … Continue reading

Managing Nitrogen Inputs

16 April, 2015

Rural Management Strategies conducted a GRDC  funded project during 2013 and 2014 to demonstrate the use of Yield Prophet, plant available water capacity (PAWC) mapping, plus variable rate application technology to improve Nitrogen decision making in wheat and canola. Topdressing … Continue reading

Nitrogen Expenditure 2014

18 June, 2014

Currently most areas are experiencing a near perfect start to the season. Good early rainfall and mild conditions have provided the opportunity to reduce the weed seed bank and led to rapid early growth of crops. These favourable weather conditions … Continue reading

Deep Soil Nitrogen (DSN) Testing

12 May, 2014

Early rainfall whilst soil temperatures were still warm, will have led to significant mineralisation of Nitrogen in most paddocks. Mineralisation rates of up to 1.0 kg/Nitrogen/ha/day are likely, resulting in up to 50 – 60 kg N/ha (110 – 130 … Continue reading

Improving Nitrogen Management using Yield Prophet Plus PAWC Mapping

12 May, 2014

A GRDC funded project was undertaken by Rural Management Strategies in 2013, to demonstrate the use of Yield Prophet and plant available water capacity (PAWC) mapping, to improve Nitrogen decision making in wheat. Background Nitrogen represents the largest single cost … Continue reading

Nitrogen Management in Wheat for Yield and Protein

12 June, 2013

The chart below shows that there are many production variables that affect yield and protein in a wheat crop. All these variables need to be adequately addressed to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved and one component, such as … Continue reading