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Most clients are aware, that RMS began using Agworld software recently to generate cropping plans.

Agworld is a web based platform which allows better interaction and sharing of information, both with clients and between consultants within RMS. Benefits include:

  • Real time and cloud based

  • Facilitates both planning and record keeping

  • Can be used by advisors, growers, employees and contractors

  • Allows collaboration between RMS consultants and other agronomists

  • Can be easily used on either desktop or mobile devices

  • More efficient to use and has allowed RMS to get reports back to clients in a more timely manner

  • Clients can use basic functions and view recommendations at no cost, or alternatively can subscribe to use the full functionality of the program

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and there are a few downsides. The program does not operate on Android devices which is a bone of contention for some. Indications are that this is not likely change soon. The only alternative here is to either buy an iPad or use the desktop version.

Please note that there is no obligation or requirement for clients to use the program, recommendations can still be viewed as a PDF and printed from email. Reports will continue to be mailed as a hard copy and emailed as a PDF.

Probably the most significant challenge has been the hard copy report, which RMS refers to as the “Cropping Programme”. The previous report was generated using another program specifically written for RMS many years ago.

Whilst this worked well for a long time, it was becoming problematic and wasn’t going to be supported any longer.

The reports generated from Agworld are significantly different and have several deficiencies compared to old RMS reports. Most notably, splitting paddocks and wrapping information over two pages has caused some confusion and frustration. There has been other issues discussed with Agworld and they have indicated that the issue with paddocks splitting over two pages will be fixed, along with several other minor issues.

To date, several clients have subscribed to Agworld, using the program to record chemical applications as well as actual crop management information. This has been working well, but like all systems, manual or electronic, it is only as good as the data that is entered and it and needs to be kept up to date to be of any use.

Whilst RMS has no intention of pushing clients into subscribing to Agworld, there is no doubt that data is becoming increasingly powerful. Having actual data on sowing dates and paddock treatments readily accessible, along with yield and protein maps collected at harvest, allows both clients and consultants to make powerful observations and better decisions on a day to day basis.

More information on using Agworld can be obtained from RMS consultants.