About RMS

The business commenced in 1987 when Robert Patterson started trading as Robert Patterson Associates based at Cootamundra in southern NSW.

Mark Harris joined the business as an associate in 2001 and opened the Wagga Wagga office. He became a partner in 2004 and the business name was changed at this time to Rural Management Strategies Pty Limited (RMS) to reflect the type of work undertaken by the business and a name that would continue into the future.

Greg Hunt also joined the business as an associate in 2001 and subsequently became a partner in 2010.

Chris Minehan joined the business as an associate in 2011.

Our clients

The majority of RMS clients are multi-generational family farming businesses. They are characterised by a desire to work together to become more efficient and grow the family business to meet the requirements of the family.

Our clients are spread over a large geographical area within southern NSW. They are generally mixed farming operations producing dryland winter crops, sheep and or cattle.

Clients are also involved in enterprises such as irrigation, horticulture, poultry, pigs and operation of contract machinery.

For corporate or larger private holdings our services can include providing advice to decision makers, ranging from hands on technical advice through to whole farm management and strategic planning. Contact Rural Management Strategies for further information.