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Fallowing and Spraytopping Pastures (September 2018)

  • Many pastures which were programmed to be either spraytopped or fallowed, are currently severely moistures stressed, with most weeds appearing to be as good as dead.
  • It is likely that the seed set of these weeds will be minimal in comparison to other years, however weeds such as ryegrass have one aim in life, which is to reproduce! Even under severe stress it is likely that some plants will produce seed. In the event of a late rainfall event, plants which appear to be dead may well recover and set seed.
  • For paddocks which are planned to be fallowed, it is unlikely that lucerne will be chemically controlled under current conditions. Therefore it would be prudent to at least apply a low rate of Glysophate to ensure that grasses do not set seed.
  • With respect to spraytopping, paddocks may need to be assessed on a case by case basis. It is worth keeping in mind that any seed set will affect the paddock for several years, so even if there is low level of surviving ryegrass plants, it may still be prudent to ensure that seed set is prevented.