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Work Health & Safety Policies – Can it be made Easier?

Clear and concise descriptions of the expectations and standards associated with the operation of a business, will provide a safe and more productive work environment.  So why doesn’t every small business do it?….because most small businesses find it difficult to devote time to develop and document procedures and policies associated with Work Health & Safety (WH&S).  However this does not absolve the business of their responsibility.

Another common problem for businesses is that WH&S, employment induction documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that have been created, quickly become out of date and are not reviewed regularly.

A recent new business, Safe Ag Systems, may be able to address some of the angst associated with WH&S, as they have developed an online WH&S system specifically for agriculture.

The subscription based service provides templates for the key areas that need to be addressed, which can be tailored to individual situations.

Safe Ag Systems provides a central cloud based location for policies and procedures relating to Work Health & Safety, Employee Induction, Emergency Management, Worker Fitness for Work, Training Register, WH&S Actions, Farm WH&S Inspection, and Machinery Maintenance Manager.

Another interesting feature is “Who’s on Site”, which can monitor where staff, contractors or visitors are on the farm. This is an important safety feature especially when people are working alone, at night or in remote locations

Safe Ag Systems can be found at https://www.safeagsystems.com.