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General Comments – Newsletter April 2015

For those who believe in the theory that “you only get one spring in a year”, the dry late summer/early autumn bodes well for better weather conditions later this year.

The rainfall received during April to date is very welcome and timely.  It will promote a weed germination allowing some control prior to sowing most crops, plus will promote some pasture growth, particularly from perennial species.  Annual pasture species will however struggle without good follow up rainfall, coupled with mild weather conditions.

Stock water from dams is in short supply, with the gentle rainfall received generally providing little runoff into dams.  Availability of stock water will largely determine the number of livestock which can be carried in the near future.

Bearing this in mind, some astute managers have already offloaded livestock into what can only be described as a very good seller’s market.  This would appear to be a very good risk management strategy.