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Feeding Livestock

Many sheep producers have begun feeding ewes during the last month, as pasture feed has declined in quantity and quality. As stubble paddocks are burnt or sown and stock move onto pasture paddocks, the level of supplementary feeding may increase further.

Pastures have responded well to recent rains and will continue to respond in the event of follow up rainfall. However, it is likely that even with good rainfall, many producers will be supplementary feeding prior to and during lambing.

Lamb survival, measured by lambs weaned as a percentage of lambs born, is largely determined by feed quality and availability during lambing. With current sheep values, the provision of good nutrition during lambing is good business.

An article in News Bulletin 103 in June 2013, entitled Feeding Pregnant and Lambing Ewes, contains some information on feeding, nutritional requirements and supplements. This is also available on the RMS website.