New Crop Varieties for 2018

21 November, 2017

Following is a selection of crop varieties released recently, which are worthy of consideration next year: WHEAT Longsword (RAC 2341) Released for 2018 Marketed by AGT Classification pending EPR TBA, depending on classification, seed sharing permitted between growers Winter wheat, … Continue reading

Canola Seed – Size Matters

17 November, 2015

Sowing larger canola seed can lead to better crop establishment, increased seedling vigour and early plant growth. These benefits have been demonstrated in replicated trials and observed in farmer demonstrations, often leading to increased crop yield. The size of canola … Continue reading

Possible Crop Varieties for 2015

20 November, 2014

Following is a selection of recently released crop varieties which are worthy of consideration next year. Wheat Longreach Trojan Released 2014 Marketed by Pacific Seeds APW in southern NSW $4.00/t EPR, no grower to grower trading allowed Similar maturity to … Continue reading

New Seed Treatments

15 April, 2013

A number of new seed treatments are registered for the 2013 growing season. Evergol Prime and Vibrance claim improved suppression of Rhizoctonia in wheat and barley. Maxim XL claims control of Rhizoctonia in canola, while Cruiser Opti claims control of … Continue reading

New Wheat Varieties (Nov 2012)

9 November, 2012

There are a number of new wheat varieties to be released for the 2013 season. Suntop and LongReach Dart are two which have received some publicity in this area. Following are some characteristics of each: Suntop Main season AH quality … Continue reading